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Top Crypto Payment Gateway For Online Business in 2023

Our team develops a unique and customizable API to automate the payment method. Besides payment transactions, this API is equally useful for managing non-payment facilities. WooCommerce, and Bitcoins Payments, all of which calculate the prices of products in bitcoin and also work with other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain-supported wallet will hardly reject a transaction and will be available at any time of the day. PayRetailers, as with them you can safely perform all types of transactions with cryptocurrencies. You receive the funds in the account with your provider, who transfers them to you.

Contact our blockchain experts if you’re looking for a business to create a bitcoin payment gateway. A crypto transaction takes a few minutes to complete, whereas a fiat transaction takes 5 to 15 days. All business sizes-small, medium, and large—can swiftly initiate payments for the import and export of commodities thanks to the faster transactional speeds. Payment solutions A unified interface allowing the way of accepting payments to be centralised, standardised, and streamlined. Crypto payments solve the problem of payment landscape fragmentation. Users from almost any country can pay for the services or products of companies located in another country.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Payment Gateways

The first and most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which was created in 2008. Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are exchanged over the Internet. Integrating cryptocurrency payments into your existing system couldn’t be easier. Fiat settlements straight to your bank account via Swift and SEPA payment methods. There are options for one-time withdrawals or you can set up regular payouts. GoURL is an open-source payment gateway for cryptocurrencies that successfully protects the anonymity of its users.

  • Its user-side crypto-to-fiat conversion facilities also enable it to provide fiat currency payments to sellers.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions occur instantly, compared to the delays of credit card and bank transfers.
  • The cryptocurrency payment solutions eliminate the role of third parties and mediators from the payment system.
  • Instead, cryptos depend on thousands of computers worldwide to keep their networks, known as ‘blockchains’, operating.
  • The process is transparent to you because you don’t have to worry about cryptocurrencies; only that your cryptocurrency service provider will place the appropriate funds in your account.
  • OKEx Digital Asset Exchange and CoinDCX, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, partnered in February 2020 to give OKEx access to the Indian market.

Customized digital wallets can accommodate a single currency or many currencies, depending on the need. Basically, a cryptocurrency payment gateway should give users a variety of convenient crypto payments api payment alternatives, including QR codes, NFC, and URLs. Additionally, it must finish transactions quickly to facilitate real-time settlement and streamline payment operations.

What are the main features of a crypto payment gateway?

We integrate payment providers and acquirers all around the world to bring a unified communication control and management interface. Payment processors and payment systems usually establish higher fees for processing cryptocurrency transactions. The speed of cryptocurrency systems lags behind their fiat counterparts. The throughput of the Ethereum network is up to 30 transactions per second.

Although this shift can be an excellent opportunity, it can also pose a challenge for some businesses. The new technologies accompanying digital currency transactions can be somewhat difficult to fully understand with no prior knowledge. There is no denying that digital currencies are dominating the Internet since the beginning of the new decade. So much so that the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was valued at a staggering $65,000 in 2021.

Processing of an e-wallet withdrawal can take about a week in some industries. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy.

This makes BitPay ideal for merchants who only want to accept payments for goods and services and avoid having to deal with currency fluctuation that can result in loss. Installation can be requested of the payment gateway provider by the customer. If you’re a business https://xcritical.com/ owner and understand how cryptocurrency works, you might not have any reservations about accepting it. But because more than 99% of the U.S economy consists of small businesses, it’s possible that not every business owner will understand or trust cryptocurrency.


This plugin displays the cryptocurrency payment processing data on the Dokan vendor dashboard pages. But before that, let’s understand the basics and importance of a crypto payment gateway for online business. We offer hassle-free integration of cryptocurrency payments into your system through API.

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway

In addition, the rise in technological development in the payment gateway such as automation and digital record keeping has boosted the growth of the market. BitPay’s blockchain payment rail integrates seamlessly with Wix’s e-commerce platform, allowing Wix merchants to offer their customers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment options. Users can send money straight from one wallet to another using this service. These payment gateways are in charge of safely transferring the payment’s sensitive wallet-related data to the merchant’s software in addition to their other duties. Businesses of all sizes frequently utilize this payment network as they look for the most advantageous, safe, and quick payment options. It may sound unfamiliar to those who are not familiar with the field of digital currency, but understanding the mechanics of our crypto payment gateway is not difficult.

Crypto paymentsfor e-commerce.

Users can easily connect payment gateways to exchanges to convert cryptocurrencies into conventional currencies, stablecoins, or fiat. By linking a payment gateway with a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance and Bittrex, users can swap coins for USD, TUSD, USDT, and USDC. Apart from swiftly confirming the transactions and eliminating third parties from the payment system, crypto payment gateways offer a few other benefits to both users and merchants.

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway

Yes, most crypto payment gateways support conversion into your preferred fiat currency and even deposit your funds into your local bank account via ACH or wire transfer. At LeewayHertz, we develop secure crypto payment gateways for enterprises and startups. We also integrate these gateways into existing payment solutions of businesses.

How To Add Crypto Payment With Coinbase

Customers can then pay for products using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and many other cryptocurrencies. The rising use of cryptocurrencies on a global basis is the primary driver of the market’s growth. People are encouraged to utilize bitcoin payment systems owing to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, which keeps intermediaries such as banks out of the payment processing system. These systems are getting more and more popular as a result of quicker transaction speeds and shorter processing times. Furthermore, the industry is growing as a result of the increasing use of cryptocurrencies as a form of investment among millennials.

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway

Coinbase enables you to accept payments from your website with various options depending on your business size. Small merchants can create invoices, simple hosted checkouts, and Coinbase payment buttons. For ecommerce stores, Coinbase can be integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce. By incorporating a decentralized payment gateway into their current payment strategy, merchants, retailers, and businesses can accept payments directly from customers via a peer-to-peer network. Faster transactions and secure access to the payment gateway are two significant advantages of this trait that speeds up transaction times. Industries like healthcare, retail, supply chain, etc., have started considering blockchain and cryptocurrency as transformative technologies.

How to acquire a payment gateway?

Once processed, the merchant receives the full fiat amount, regardless of any rapid exchange rate fluctuations, immediately. Having a crypto payment gateway portrays to potential customers that your company is more inclusive and advanced than most mainstream brands. This in turn appeals to a broader customer demographic who may want to buy from you.

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway

The world has gone digital, and it has brought a great change in the way we spend money. Today, you no longer have to make a long line in a bank to deposit or withdraw money. People have become more tech-savvy and are using the internet for almost everything, including shopping and paying for their purchases. We do not offer services of B2BINPAY to citizens of jurisdictions where the right to trade is limited or prohibited by the rules of current legislation.

Crypto payment gateways may seem antithetical to the core principles promoted by blockchain technology, but they are a useful tool that can bridge the gap between the crypto space and the broader economy. We’ve already seen this happen before, with centralized crypto exchanges having been instrumental in helping cryptocurrency trading take off and thrive. And even though we’re now seeing the rise of DEXes like automated market makers as an increasingly prominent alternative, centralized exchanges today continue to handle the bulk of crypto trading volume. That said, crypto payment gateways also have some disadvantages when compared to the ‘blockchain’ way of handling crypto transactions.

Businesses currently use two types of crypto gateways described below. Decentralized crypto payment gateways have appeared to address these problems and give retailers a reliable payment mechanism. The ability to facilitate the payment and acceptance of cryptocurrencies on a transparent network drives blockchain-powered crypto payment gateways towards the mainstream. We offer decentralized payment gateways that support payments in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, ADA, AVAX, and more. It helps your users to accept and make payments using any cryptocurrency they want. Binance offers the Binance Pay payment option method to crypto-friendly companies.

Shopify offers direct integration to a long list of third-party payment gateways including cryptocurrency platforms. Note that you need to have an account with whichever cryptocurrency platform you intend to include on Shopify. Choose the platform from the list you will find on your Shopify dashboard, and the system will guide you through linking your cryptocurrency account with your Shopify account. This article highlights the main features of crypto payment gateways, and why you, as a business, should consider using them.